Black Bob story panel cards

$3.50 USD


Product Description

Black Bob is a brave, loyal and resourceful sheep dog who is always having adventures. Most often they involve sheep rustling and less well behaved dogs but sometimes there are runaways to protect and mysteries to solve.

Each Black Bob card features a panel, and the associated text, from a Black Bob tale. The interiors are blank and they come with an envelope. Each image, and therefore each card, is unique within this set. The cards are single fold, measure 5" x 7" (12.7cm x 17.8cm) and come with an envelope. The card you get will be a lucky dip, basically whatever is at the top of the pile, so you never know what subject you'll receive.

Spinneyworld does not like to damage otherwise healthy books and wishes to reassure you that the publications from which these images came were too badly damaged to be rescued.


Vintage finds, remixes and original art, usually with a pop-culture or naughty slant.